Sunday, April 15, 2012

Furniture from the program

 Episode 5, the program  "Our New Home " is an in-depth transformation of the life of a family of four. The house that was in the Sorry state in a few days has changed beyond recognition. Cosy and practical interiors guarantee the whole family the joy of tranquility for many years!

Also in this episode the brand Forte showed a sense of style to create fashionable arrangements in any room. The youth rooms are not only enriched with extremely practical furniture, but with a style that creates a pleasant whole. In The interior of the teenagers the INSERT and combine collection was used. Insert Furniture is an interesting combination of the bright color of the ash of Coimbra with applications in the dark color of Machaka Oak. The beauty of the wood structure, original forms of solid materials eg. TV cabinets or a very practical bookcase, which can be a partition wall placed anywhere in the room is the strongest part of the whole set. The furniture combines is the equally delicate colour of Sonoma oak with the addition in wood color. Long handles and a large capacity of each Solid guarantee the ease of use and functionality every day. Our bedroom-Main family is an orchestrated climatic collection of Orchid. Dark furniture in color the chocolate oak blends beautifully with large square handles and a small space. The living room represents the classic Kashmir furniture. The massive frame, comfortable grips and cross-on front applications are all distinctive elements of the collection. The elegance of Kashmir furniture makes every guest in the living room a great feeling.


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